Introduction to US Passport Fees

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There are US passport fees you are responsible for paying in order to obtain your federal identification document. Depending on the services you can obtain, the amount you owe can vary. For example, there are certain passport fees at the post office you may be required to pay. You need to pay these amounts if you apply for your travel credentials through the United States postal service (USPS) facilities.

Beyond the US passport application fee, there are additional amounts you need to pay. Since these documents are issued by the federal government, the prices you will be responsible for are the same throughout the nation. However, there are additional services, such as choosing to have your passport expedited, that cost extra. Make sure you understand the passport fees USPS will require you to be responsible for before you apply for your credentials.

US Passport Fees

USPS passport fees are the same throughout the country. In fact, whether you apply for a passport at the post office or another facility, you can expect to pay the same amount. This is because these fees are regulated by the federal government. However, remember that United States passport fees do vary depending on the service you receive. They are also different depending on if you are a child or an adult applicant.

US Passport Application Fee

There are new passport fees for adult applicants. When you apply for your passport book, you will pay $145 for these services. If you are wondering, “How much is the passport fee?” remember that this total consists of two parts. The application itself costs $110. You must also pay a $35 execution fee to have your application processed.

US Passport Card Fee

When you are learning about US passport fees at the post office, remember you need to pay a different amount if you apply for a passport card. Just as with the passport book, this card requires a $35 execution fee. The card application costs $30 for adults.

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Passport Fees for Minors

You may wonder, “What is the fee for a passport if you are a child?” These documents cost less than adult passports. In addition to the $35 execution fee, a child passport book costs $80. A child passport card costs $15.

Expedited Passport Fee

There is a US passport expedited fee you can pay if you need your document in a hurry. This costs $60 in addition to your passport application and execution fee.

US Passport Renewal Fee

If your document is nearing its expiration date, you need to pay a current passport renewal fee. Child applicants are not permitted to renew their documents and need to apply for new credentials. If you are an adult and want to renew your passport book, you must pay $110. If you are renewing your passport card, it costs $30. You do not need to repay the processing fee for your ID.