How to Apply for a Passport Before You Go Abroad

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Learning how to apply for a passport is important for international travelers. Individuals need to complete this step before they can leave the United States and travel abroad. Potential travelers who wonder, “How do I apply for a passport?” need to remember that this process is straightforward. So long as they follow the proper procedures, they can easily submit their passport application and obtain their credentials.

The process for how to apply for a new passport is the same no matter where you live in the United States. This is because a passport is a federal ID. If you have never applied for this credential before, you may ask, “Where can I apply for a passport?” You may also be curious about the documents you need to present to obtain this identification. Make sure you review the steps you must take so you understand how to submit a successful application.

The US Passport Application Form

The DS 11 form is the document you must use to apply for your first passport. Children always need to use this form when applying. You can obtain a copy of the DS 11 passport application form at the post office. You can also download the form online.

What do you need to apply for a passport?

What do I need to apply for a passport?” is an important question you may have. Make sure you have the following items with you when you are ready to submit your application:

  • The DS-11 passport application form
  • Proof of citizenship
  • A current government-issued license
  • A colored passport photo
  • Payment for your passport services

Whether you are wondering how to apply for a passport card or book, the requirements are the same. However, remember that you will need to pay more if you obtain a book instead of a card.

Where to Apply for a Passport

You may ask, “Where can I apply for a passport?” There are many places where you can submit your application. In addition to the post office passport office, you may also be able to apply at:

  • Your local library.
  • Government buildings.
  • Official passport offices.

Can you apply for a passport online?

“Can I apply for a passport online?” is a question you may have a potential new applicant. If you have never received your travel credential before, you cannot apply online. You must go to a passport office and apply in person.

How long does it take to apply for a passport?

When you decide to apply for a passport, the process is quick. If you have all of the required documents, you can complete the application in one visit. However, you will need to wait for your ID to be mailed to you. If you do not have your passport expedited, it will usually take between four and six weeks for your application to be processed.

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How much does it cost to apply for a passport?

Your passport cost varies depending on the type of document you apply for. It also can change depending on whether you are a child or an adult. In addition to a processing fee, which costs $35, passport fees include:

  • Adult passport book – $110
  • Adult passport card – $30
  • Child passport book – $80
  • Child passport card – $15