Beginner’s Guide to Applying for an Expedited Passport

Obtaining an expedited passport is an important task you may need to complete. This is especially true if you have upcoming plans to travel internationally and do not yet have your document. The expedited passport time it takes to receive your documents is much quicker than it would be if you waited for routine processing times. For this reason, you need to request this service if you have an emergency that will take you abroad soon.

There are specific steps you need to take to apply for the expedited passport service. This process does not guarantee you will receive your documents in time to go abroad. However, it does make it possible for you to obtain your credential quickly. Whether you apply for an expedited passport at the post office or passport agency, there are different procedures you must follow to do so.

How to Get an Expedited Passport

When you are learning how to expedite a passport, remember there are different ways you can complete this request. However, the exact steps you need to follow depends on how quickly you need your document. If you need to expedite a passport card or book because you are going abroad in the next month, you can pay for this service at a passport office. However, if you need to expedite a new passport because you are going abroad within the next two weeks, you must apply for this service at a passport agency.

If you need to get your new US passport expedited and you have never received this document before, you must fill out Form DS-11. You also need to submit:

  • A passport photo that meets all requirements.
  • Proof that you are a U.S. citizen.
  • Your current government ID.
  • Payment for your application and the acceptance fee.

Additionally, if you are getting an expedited passport at an agency, you need to bring proof of your upcoming travel plans. Only emergency applicants can apply for their documents at these facilities, so you need to prove you meet the qualifications to apply there.

Can you get an expedited passport renewal?

If you need your updated travel document in a hurry, you can pay to have your US passport renewal expedited. To do this, you must fill out Form DS-82 by mail. Alternatively, you can file your expedited passport agency renewal request at one of these facilities. However, you must have immediate travel plans in order to use this service.

How long does it take to get an expedited passport?

When you go to any of the expedited passport locations, you can pay to receive your document quickly. However, the amount of time it takes for your application to be processed depends on where you apply. If you go to a post office and expedite your credential, for example, your application should be processed within two to three weeks. If you have your passport application expedited at an agency, the process should take around eight days. When you ask, “How long does an expedited passport take?” keep in mind that wait times may vary. This depends on how many requests the U.S. Department of State is processing when it receives yours.

How much is an expedited passport?

The expedited passport fee costs $60. You can also pay for expedited delivery, which can further reduce the time you need to wait for your document. In addition to the expedited passport cost, you can pay for expedited delivery. This costs $16.48.