How to Request a Passport Correction

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“How do I obtain a passport correction?” is a question travelers have. Many passports are issued each year to U.S. citizens who have plans to travel abroad. Unfortunately, not every passport is printed perfectly. Sometimes printing errors occur. As a result, these passports need to be reissued. In these instances, travelers need to know how to request a passport correction.

If you are wondering how to request a US passport correction, do not worry. This process is simple to complete. No matter where you live, you can easily access the form you need to submit in order to have your document corrected. However, before you request a change to your passport data page, make sure you understand the steps you must take to complete this process. Additionally, review the reasons that would require you to request these changes. If the information in your document is incorrect, you may not be able to use your passport to travel abroad.

When do you need to request a passport correction?

There are various circumstances that could require you to submit a passport correction form. Usually, passports are only corrected due to printing errors. Common reasons that you would need to request a passport correction include:

  • Your name or other biographical information is misspelled or otherwise does not match what you included in your application
  • The ID page in your passport book is crooked or incorrectly displayed
  • Your passport photo is upside down, blurry or not where it is supposed to be

However, keep in mind that the U.S. Department of State cannot correct your passport photo simply because you do not like the image. You can only use apply for a correction if there is something incorrect with the passport you received.

How to Request a Passport Name Correction or Other Change

You must use passport form DS 5504 when you need to request a change to your passport due to a printing error. This is also the document you need to use if you change your name within one year of your passport being issued to you. You can use this document whether you are requesting a correction to your passport card or book.

You can obtain a copy of the passport DS 5504 correction form online. Your local passport post office may also have these documents on hand. However, since most people do not need to use this document, it is not guaranteed that your acceptance facility will have a copy of this form available for you. For these reasons, you should go to the Department of State’s website and download the passport correction form PDF. In addition to this document, you will also need to submit the following items in order for the government to fulfill your request:

  • Your current passport book or card
  • A passport photo
  • Documentation that proves the information printed in your passport is incorrect

If you file DS-5504 due to factual passport application mistakes and corrections, you need to bring documentation to prove your passport is incorrect. For example, if you need to request your mother’s name correction in your passport, you may bring a copy of your birth certificate. Once you gather the necessary documents, you must mail your materials to the National Passport Information Center.

Passport Correction Fees

There is no cost to update your name on a passport. Likewise, if any other aspects of the data page was printed incorrectly, you do not need to pay for the correction. However, if you want to update your passport because you do not like your photo, you must pay for a new document.

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How long does it take to get a passport correction?

Once you submit your completed passport correction form DS 5504, the government will begin to process your request. It can take several weeks for you to receive your new document. However, you can also have your spelling mistake in passport corrected quickly by paying to have your documented expedited. This will shorten your document’s processing time. This option is especially appealing if you have upcoming travel plans. The expedited passport service costs $60.