Guide for How to Change Your Mailing Address

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Requesting a change of mailing address is a process you need to complete when you move from one location to another. When you switch homes, you need to fill out a US mail change of address request so your letters and packages can always reach you. Otherwise, you risk not having access to important correspondence that you may need. This can cause complications in the future, especially if you need to receive government mail or bills.

“How do I change my mailing address?” is a question you may have. Fortunately, this process is simple to complete. There are different ways you can complete this task no matter where in the country you live. Whether you are looking to complete a temporary change of address mail forwarding request or a permanent one, there are certain processes you need to follow. Otherwise, you risk not being able to access your mail.

How to Change My Mailing Address

You may be wondering, “How do I change my mailing address?” This process is simple to complete. If you want to change your mailing address in person, you can go to a post office near you and submit your information for the change. When you change your mailing address at the post office, you must fill out PS Form 3575. To complete this document, you must include your previous and new address.

Can you change your mailing address online?

You may want to know, “Can I change my mailing address online?” You can, and this process is easy to complete from your computer. When you are learning how to change a mailing address online, make sure you go to the United States Postal Service (USPS) website and fill out the form. To complete this task, you must include the same information you would need to submit when filling out the paper PS Form 3575.

How long do you have to request a US mail change of address?

It is important that you request your USPS mail forwarding change of address as soon as you move. Otherwise, you risk not receiving time-sensitive mail when you need it. You also risk having the current tenants at your former address receiving your personal mail. However, there is no official time frame for when you need to request this update.

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Temporary Mail Forwarding for a Change of Address

In addition to filling out a mail change of address form, you can have your mail forwarded to you. This service can help you when you are transitioning from one residency to another. Go to your local post office to request this service. During this time, any mail sent to your former address will be forwarded to your new place of residence. Keep in mind that you can receive this service for any time period between 15 days and one year.