Beginner’s Guide to South Carolina Post Office Locations

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The South Carolina post office locations are government facilities that are providing mail services to residents. From obtaining a post office (P.O.) box to applying for a passport, there are many tasks you can complete at these South Carolina locations. Even if you have your own mailbox, you will probably need to go to the South Carolina post office at some point. However, you may not know where these SC facilities are located or how you can find one near you.

There are many different post offices located throughout South Carolina. As a result, one of the state abbreviation post offices should be close to you. If you need help locating your nearest facility, you can use this site to help you with your search. In fact, you can filter your search results in state by selecting the city you want to find offices in.

Can I apply for a passport at the post office in South Carolina?

If you are in South Carolina, you may be able to go to your nearest post office and apply for a passport. Many of these facilities are official passport application acceptance centers. Your SC post office may also serve as a passport photo center. This means you can have your passport picture taken onsite.

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Whether you live in South Carolina or are visiting, you can go to one of these offices and submit your application. If you need an appointment, schedule one beforehand. Then, you can apply for your passport in South Carolina by submitting:

  • Form DS-11, which your state passport office may have a copy of onsite.
  • Payment for the passport services you obtain.
  • Your ID and a photocopy, which could be your state-issued driver’s license or ID card.
  • Official proof that you are a U.S. citizen.