Post Offices in Hindman, Kentucky

If you live in Hindman, there is a post office nearby you can use to help you send letters or receive mail. Even if you live in another part of Kentucky or are visiting from a different state, you can take advantage of various services provided through the post offices.

Most individuals associate the post office with mail-related services only. However, the Hindman post office can help applicants accomplish passport-related tasks. Depending on individuals’ situations, they may be able to visit the KY post office to request a new passport or have their passport photos taken. However, applicants need to confirm this information with Hindman representatives beforehand.

What services are available at the Hindman post office?

The Hindman post office in Kentucky offers many services to residents and visitors. Depending on individuals’ needs, they may be able to receive services at the KY post offices near them. Some common services that are available at the Hindman post office include:

  • The ability to set up a post office (P.O.) box, where individual can receive mail.
  • Express shipping options to mail letters and packages throughout Kentucky and beyond.
  • Stamps for sale.
  • A mail-holding service, which individuals can take advantage of if they will be out of town for an extended period.